During my visit to the dermatologist last week, the subject of drinking alcohol and it’s affect on seborrheic dermatitis came up.  I’ve enjoyed my beer for quite some time, and have occasionally read where alcohol can cause seb derm to flare up or be worse.

You should read the article about The effects of beer in seborrheic dermatitis too.

I told my doc…”if you can tell me that if I quit drinking, (which I love), my seborrheic dermatitis would get better or go away, I’ll quit today”.  His response, “I would probably tell you you’re better off drinking than quitting”.

I was a bit shocked by his response!  In fact, he went on to say, “for most skin problems, I’m not aware that alcohol has much, if any affect on it”.  He did say that rosacea does seem to have a bad response to alcohol.

So…I was shocked by the response, but I have to say the part of me that loves a cold beer was rejoicing a bit!  Now…is my dermatologist accurate in his statement?  He’s the doctor…not me.  I’d love to hear from other doctors or people that my have more experience with this subject.

Does alcohol make seborrheic dermatitis, (or other skin conditions) worse?