Winter is drawing near and you are probably worried that your face will start peeling off. Don’t be. Facial seborrheic dermatitis or otherwise commonly known as dandruff is a common skin condition which fortunately, has a cure. A lot of people, especially them who experience the winter have a higher probability of contacting facial seborrheic dermatitis. It often makes its debut during the winter season, starting off as dry white flakes around the eyebrows.

The condition is commonly characterized by flaky skin on the eyebrows, around the nose and in the crease running down the edge of the lips to the chin. One may also develop itchy red skin with a greasy scale on the nose or on the cheeks, don’t be alarmed it is all facial seborrheic dermatitis! You may have tried to slather on some moisturizer, which is a temporary solution but in a few minutes the skin will break up again. Applying a moisturizer will hibernate the condition for a short-lived moment or procrastinate it to a later time.

head-dermatitis-winterProlonged facial seborrheic dermatitis will eventually become hard to cover up. Your face may have a better look in the morning after having your shower or after washing your face, but as the day drags on, the scales will start to build up again. Some people use make-up to cover up the condition but this is even worse since the make-up chemicals end up sticking in the scales. Consequentially other complex skin complication can spring up. We don’t want that now, do we? Facial seborrheic dermatitis will start appearing redder if one applies harsh soapy solutions or anti-aging products containing ascorbic acid (vitamin C), Retin A or glycolic acid.

Solutions for facial seborrheic dermatitis in winter

facial-seborrheic-dermatitisFor one to maintain smooth and healthy skin, it is imperative that he/she becomes prudent on the choice of artificial chemicals that are applied on the skin. On the other hand, a proper diet containing essential skin vitamins and probiotics will do the trick just fine. But on a medical basis, practical remedies for dealing with facial seborrheic dermatitis are as follows:

  1. Always pick out medicated soaps and detergents that come in contact with your skin. One of these medicated soaps may include calming Zinc bar soap which contains olive oil infused with calendula, oatmeal, shear butter and 2% pyrithione Zinc.
  2. When you notice your skin flaring anyway, you can apply Derm Essentials for Seborrheic Dermatitis cream. This cream is the safest and most natural product that can totally eliminate any severe symptoms of facial seborrheic dermatitis (dandruff). The cream is manufactured from a powerful blend of twelve medicinal oils tried and proved to work marvels on any chronic skin condition. It also provides a long lasting relief for scaly, flaky or itchy skin scalp.

facial-seborrheic-dermatitis-creamDerm-Essentials for Seborrheic Dermatitis cream contains: 1. 100% therapeutic grade essential oils 2. Eucalyptus oils 3. Organic virgin coconut oil 4. Himalayan cedar wood oil 5. Lavender oil 6. Rosemary oil 7. Patchouli oil 8. Organic golden jojoba oil 9. Neem oil 10. Tee tree oil 11. Oregano oil and 12. Peppermint oil · Directions of use: since various people react differently with different chemicals; test the cream on a small patch of infected skin first. Massage the cream onto the infected regions before retiring to bed and wash it all out in the morning when you take your shower with all-natural soap.

Repeat this procedure for one week and then decrease the frequency to about once to twice per week. Note any difference?