Welcome to sebdermatitis.net.

Friends call me Nick and about 3 years ago, I noticed some strange scaling and dry looking skin beginning to appear on my scalp. I’ve been bald since my teen years, but had never noticed anything like this? At first I assumed it was simply dry skin and I applied lotions & moisturizers. When that didn’t seem to do much good, I visited my dermatologist. He was the first to tell me that I had what is called “seborrheic dermatitis”. A little frightened, I asked what it was and what I could do to fix it?

He explained the condition was really nothing to worry about, gave me some prescription samples to try and sent me on my way.

A few weeks later, my “new found” condition was not getting any better. At this point, I decided to visit a new dermatologist that was a little younger and someone I felt might be a little more “in tune” with any new treatments that might be available. 3 years later, I STILL have seborrheic dermatitis and I STILL have no really good way to control the symptoms!

So…I thought I’d put up a website, share my experiences and hope for some good advice or recommendations from others. Seborrheic dermatitis is not something that is going to kill you, but it is something that can be very embarrassing and can affect your self esteem. I think it’s important for people to share their stories so everyone who suffers from this condition can benefit from the experiences of others. I welcome your feedback, suggestions and advice.  I really hope you find this site beneficial!

What you will find on this blog?

  • Stories, a lot of stories about seborrheic dermatitis of mine, my friends or strangers from Internet.
  • Personal reviews and opinions about the products that I used.
  • A lot of grammar mistakes. I’m not a native english speaker but I do all my best to improve my writing skills.