Perioral dermatitis is a kind of skin disorder which affects women between the age group of 20 to 45 years. It resembles small bumps or papules which occur around the mouth and cause the skin to burn and feel stretched or tight. Perioral translates around the mouth and Perioral dermatitis usually appears around the mouth. In severe conditions it may spread towards the nose and under the eyes. Perioral dermatitis is known to reoccur even after treatment.

Perioral dermatitis causes the skin to become rough and scaly and the bumps which appear are yellow in colour. Most doctors consider this to be a combination of acne and eczema and are commonly known as POD. The main issues related with perioral dermatitis are temporary unattractive scars which may be caused in severe cases. There are several causes for the disorder and steroid creams are considered to be the main cause. Other conditions include exposure to the sun, wind, use of toothpaste which contains lauryl sulphate and the use of petroleum jelly. Perioral dermatitis can also be caused due to bacterial infection or a combination of any of the above mentioned factors.Perioral dermatitis

One can opt for a number of treatment measures for Perioral dermatitis which include steroid creams in small doses as compared to high doses tend to cause a counteract with the condition. It is advisable for patients who suffer from Perioral dermatitis to avoid using make up, certain toothpastes and moisturisers which contain high chemicals. It is best to use facial cleansers and moisturisers which contain zinc which helps to fight the presence of any fungal infection which may be caused due to the disorder.

Antibiotics are usually not prescribed; however they may be used in severe cases. Pregnant women however are advised to not use any medication. One can also try alternative treatment measures which include using honey or apple cider vinegar on the affected area. The best way to reduce the infection is keeping the region clean and avoiding the use of any cosmetic products. Regular cleaning and the reduced use of creams and chemical based products can help to treat the condition.