What cause dermatitis: Dermatitis – the name of the inflammatory process occurring in the skin. Its cause may be different physical or chemical environmental factors. The degree of exposure to harmful agents sometimes depends on individual sensitivity of the organism; in this case we are talking about the nature of allergic disease. It takes place both in contact with the external stimulus, and after getting it inside the body. Depending on this, we differentiate the contact form of the disease and drug reaction.

What cause dermatitis

Ordinary contact reactions occur as a result of contact with skin corrosive chemicals such as acids or alkalis. The depth and area of damage in this case clearly depends on the concentration, area and time effects of negative factors. For prolonged contact with small doses of toxin pathological process becomes chronic, and in large quantities – once there is an acute reaction. Dermatitis is accompanied by redness, blistering, suppuration, the appearance of swelling, pain, burning and itching.

What cause dermatitis:

Just cause dermatitis are sunburn, significant changes in temperature, toxic substances, plant or animal origin, cosmetics and perfumery, medicinal creams and ointments. The most common form of acute dermatitis is worn and water blisters formed on the skin due to mechanical friction. Usually on the palms of the hands has been observed after heavy physical work, and on the feet – a result of extended wear tight shoes. People who are overweight are often worn on the body arise between the folds of skin.

Also, drinking alchool may make your dermatitis worse.

What cause dermatitis:

Chronic dermatitis is characterized by bluish skin color, cracking, thickening of the stratum corneum and desquamation. The reason for such reactions may be different fungal, bacterial or viral infections, heavy sweating, especially in combination with synthetic clothing. The cause an allergic form of the disease can be some foods. In children, this condition has been called diathesis. Most often it is linked with the consumption of dairy products, citrus fruits, nuts and eggs