Eczema Free Forever is an interesting fun read about dermatitis and Eczema which contains very informative content. As with the Beat Eczema program it focuses solely on clearing your Eczema using alternative or holistic methods rather than prescription drugs.

The author, Rachel Anderson is an Advanced Alternative Medicine Practioner and suffered from Eczema herself. Many describe Rachel’s Eczema Free Forever publication as the “Eczema Bible.”

Not only does it discuss the lies, bogus claims and fallacies surrounding the confusing subject that Eczema and dermatitis are, it has been said to be the most detailed book about Eczema and dermatitis ever written. Overall, her ideas and techniques are spot on and reviewer approved. She has evidently put much time and thought into creating this program.

To be honest, both these programs are excellent and both will undoubtedly save you a substantial amount of money in doctor’s fees and smelly creams that don’t work. In fact, the only reason why we’ve scored ‘Eczema Free Forever’ marginally lower than ‘Beat Eczema’ is because the above has more testimonials and we have seen more positive results in case studies we have done ourselves.

And now, a few more info about eczema…

head-eczemaEczema can be very painful, unsightly and embarrassing. The cause of Eczema is difficult to determine because there are many different types of Eczema and each has its own cause. Its important that you resist the urge to scratch it since this can irritate it further and cause the condition to worsen.

Clinical studies have shown that the majority of Eczema is related to pollens, dusts and mold spores that can be found in and around our homes. Doctors are now saying that as much as sixty-five percent is related to these allergens. The other thirty percent is related to things we come in contact (twenty-five percent) with as well as some of the things we eat (Only five percent).

Your skin acts much like a filter for your body. When our bodies dont like something we have ingested, it uses the skin as the first means to rid the toxin. So, detoxifying the body involves using other pathways to get rid of toxins. This next fact may sound a little too simple to be true, but simple diet changes can result in dramatically fewer Eczema outbreaks and my be one of the best things to do in your dermatitis treatment. Patients and their family are affected quite seriously with the intense dry skin, itching and sleep deprivation. Discomfort from wearing long clothes because of embarrasment and trying to hide the condition is an unfortunate but common behavior with Eczema.

While some Eczema causes are still unknown, these products provided for you here have been reviewed by people just like you who have been finally been cured. Lets face it, if you go to the doctor youre going to get a short three to five minute lecture on how there is no known cure for Eczema, and the best thing you can do is treat the symptoms by using an expensive steroid cream. For many people, the creams will work…but only for a short time, which would then result in another doctor visit, another lecture and another cream.

Over the course of several years and dealing with Eczema myself, I grew very tired of the cat and mouse game. I decided a year ago to do a little research and find out what the best dermatitis treatment methods of treating Eczema are. I have tried them all. Prescription treatments and natural treatments. The products listed here have worked for more people and have finally gotten them the relief they have been looking for.