A small description of DermaZinc, 4 oz: versatile and created to cater to a wide variety of skin conditions, DermaZinc is an effective product for the relief of itchiness, redness and scaling brought about by seborrheic dermatitis, psoriasis and other inflammatory skin conditions. Formulated for safety and efficacy, DermaZinc is packed with the eponymous nutrient Zinc which is essential in maintaining the body’s good health.

dermazincZinc fights the effects of seborrheic dermatitis on two fronts. First, it helps create a smoother looking skin by preventing the development of new flakes and oily break outs. It helps in decreasing the amount of grease produced by the epidermal glands which helps in preventing severe outbreaks of the rash. More importantly, Zinc helps in creating a skin environment not favorable for the growth of the fungi Malassezia furfur which causes the condition.

DermaZinc is clinically proven to be safe for sensitive skin and formulated with a neutral smell perfect for a wide variety of individuals. The product comes in a very handy package that you can carry virtually anywhere. Effective, safe and handy, DermaZinc is a staple in the regimen against inflammatory skin diseases. Product must be applied as indicated by a medical professional.

The cream costs about 7.99 and have free shipping.

But what I’m interested in is to hear a few opinions about DermaZinc and how did it helped you in seborrheic dermatitis.