A few people asked me this week if I noticed hair loss because of my seborrheic dermatitis condition after they saw the photo from this article. Well, I didn’t , thanks God. My hair is just fine, excepting the dandruff 🙂

I suffer of seborrheic dermatitis since 2010. There are almost 4 years and If there were any kind of hair loss symptoms, I’m sure that I would noticed that. My seborrheic dermatitis didn’t caused hair loss.

If you have SD too and you lose hair, you should talk with a dermatologist because is possible to be something else worng there. Maybe stress that can be a cause for hair loss, dandruff and seborrheic dermatitis too.


You should also know that everyone of us is different and if my seborrheic dermatitis isn’t related with hair loss, this isn’t a rule. I would like to hear other opnions about this.

Did your SD caused hair loss too?