• Jason’s Tea Tree Shampoo for Seborrheic Dermatitis

    While some people get relief from seborrheic dermatitis by using over the counter or prescribed shampoos, neither has worked for me so far. I definitely recommend you take a look at this book.  It’s a great resource for scalp conditions and gives directions on how to make you’re own home […]

  • What is Eczema?

    What is Eczema?

    Eczema is a red, itchy rash and is the general term for many types of skin inflammations, according to the American Academy of Dermatology. It is not caused by any one thing, and is not contagious, nor is it life threatening however it can be a chronic life-long condition. Eczema […]

  • Does Drinking Alcohol Affect Seborrheic Dermatitis?

    During my visit to the dermatologist last week, the subject of drinking alcohol and it’s affect on seborrheic dermatitis came up.  I’ve enjoyed my beer for quite some time, and have occasionally read where alcohol can cause seb derm to flare up or be worse. You should read the article […]

  • Bicycling and stasis dermatitis

    Bicycling & Stasis Dermatitis. Stasis dermatitis is obviously an inflammatory dermis affliction that takes place throughout the low extremities and is on accounts of a build up of fluid inside skin. it is very a sign of chronic venous insufficiency, which…” Identification of stasis dermatitis Stasis dermatitis takes place throughout […]


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