Believe it or not you may already have one of the best kept secrets for treating seborrheic dermatitis in your kitchen or bathroom. I have received countless emails claiming that various brands of instant hand sanitizer not only reduce the irritation and swelling but promote the healing of damaged skin. I have tested six brands of hand sanitizer and they all seem to work well. Click Here for more information on which brands stood out from the crowd.

Prescribed Treatments
ScalpicinSeborrheic dermatitis in adults can be treated with solutions containing salicylic acid such as Scalpicin. I can personally recommend Scalpicin and Nizoral because I still use it from time to time. You should be able to find it at most drug stores and in some supermarkets or online. Pay close attention to (purchase by) dates, the newer the better. Selenium sulfide also known as Selsun Blue and pyrithione zinc aka Head & Shoulders are both prescribed shampoos that can be used twice a week. Neutrogena T/Gel a shampoo containing coal tar can be used three times a week.

If shampoos alone are ineffective , 1% hydrocortisone cream rubbed in two or three times daily can rapidly relieve facial SD. Or your doctor may recommend 2% ketoconazole cream that may help your symptoms disappear for weeks.
When discussing possible treatments with your doctor be sure to ask about long term side effects. Remember , its your body so chose wisely.