Do you have SCALP DERMATITIS, often referred to as cradle cap in babies and dandruff in adults? If so, you likely know that commonly recommended treatments only address the symptoms rather than providing a cure. In order to get rid of the problem once and for all, you must address the root cause. The reason you are suffering from this condition is that your body is not in balance. In order to eliminate the problem once and for all, this balance must be restored.

SCALP DERMATITIS is a symptom of a scalp irritation that can manifest itself in many ways. Some will experience mild dandruff while others will notice that the scalp has dense, greasy scales. This is due most likely to a yeast, pityrosporum ovale, which is normally found in the environment. Some people will never develop seborrheic dermatitis though as it does appear to be passed on in families.

zincWhen the human body becomes ill or develops any condition, the body is not properly balanced in some way. Diet and the environment may be at fault or it may be that your lifestyle or genetics play a role. Those who are under stress are more likely to become ill also. When SCALP DERMATITIS is the way your body chooses to exhibit this imbalance, you have some treatment options.

Often you will find that a change in diet can resolve the seborrheic dermatits. This may be due to food allergies which must be addressed. A trial run with a hypoallergenic diet will be all that is needed to determine which foods are contributing to your scalp problems. Vitamins may also be beneficial in treating SCALP DERMATITIS.

Zinc has been show to improve this condition along with selenium, folic acid, biotin and B12. These supplements though won’t solve the problem long term either. If an infant is suffering from cradle cap, it may be that the breastfeeding mother is deficient in these vitamins and therefore is not passing them on to the child. A change in diet for the mother may benefit the child. Ultimately though the foods which are causing the allergies need to be addressed. Then and only then will the dermatitis permanently go away and stay away.