Contact dermatitis is actually a skin inflammation caused due to coming in contact with certain substances for which skin is over sensitive. It causes rashes and skin becomes dry, itchy causing irritation. The substance which causes dermatitis is different for different people it can be due to strong and harsh detergents, soaps, etc or due to coming in contact with certain metal jewelry or any other particular plant like weeds etc.Treatment for contact dermatitis should start after noticing initial symptoms like dry skin, itching, rashes etc. The sooner you recognize dermatitis easier it is to treat the problem. Treatment starts with recognizing the actual triggers that are causing the problem. Your doctor can help you in recognizing these triggers for you.

Once you recognize the triggers you must completely stop any contact with those substances or at least minimize the exposure to them. No matter how long you take medicine unless you stop the contact with these things dermatitis will reappear soon. Basically dermatitis is of two kinds’ allergic dermatitis and irritant dermatitis. Allergic dermatitis starts immediately even if you have only minimum contact with the allergy substances. On the other hand irritant dermatitis starts when skin gets continuous exposure to allergy substances for some time.

Doctors immediately suggest creams and emollients to relief from symptoms of inflammation like itching and redness. But if the condition is already severe doctors may suggest you to take anti-histamines.

One common problem with contact dermatitis is people tend to scratch the infected part of the skin vigorously because of the severe itching they feel on that part. Scratching does not relieve the itching but on the contrary it causes injury to the skin. Scratching may also spread dermatitis to other parts of the body. Doctors may suggest you to take antibiotics if you caused any injury to yourself due to over scratching.

Under any case never delay your treatment for contact dermatitis as it can aggravate and become worse. Visiting your doctor immediately helps you in identifying the actual triggers which you can eradicate immediately so that problem is completely stopped before getting serious.

Even if you get dermatitis there is nothing to fret about as it is completely curable and you will be fine within few days. But you should take care about the allergens that are causing you dermatitis. By avoiding them completely you can easily keep dermatitis away from your skin.